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Stories by Aaron Conaway

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March 25, 2021

The saga of Harrowed Earth begins here!

Jedidiah Coalstream, the motorcycle mystic, is mapping out the Unknown Land -- what once had been The United States -- when he begins having strange dreams. Nightmares, warning him away from Border Town in the north. Which is why he decides to go check it out. But, traveling the land isn't as easy as all that. Many monsters, countless dangers, and restless spirits lie between here and there.

Is Jedidiah's magic up to the challenge?


February 2021

The very first appearance of Runic!

(Also, Aaron's first published comic book work.)

This teaser in Daniel Moler's compelling Psychonaut Presents series not only serves as a look into a day in the life of our heroine but also offers a glimpse into the NVCC universe pre-Harrowed Earth!


June 18, 2020

The ancient entity fed through the ages, an incorporeal hunger that had given structure to a host of myths. Ghosts. Zombies. Vampires. Malevolent sentience that could enter your mind upon a stray thought or dream; making you feel fantastic — stronger than you’ve ever felt, the full sum of your physical and mental potential — all while it fed of everything that made you You.

Until there was no You.

Merely a hollowed-out meat puppet. An extension of its will.

It’s Halloween night in a Midwestern town when a creature arrives . . .

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September 3, 2018

Who doesn't enjoy a nice, spooky story told around a campfire or by candlelight? Or fun little tales about monsters, particularly at Halloween!

Tales For Halloween covers both ends of that spectrum, from chilling to goofy.

Four tribute shots to the monsters of yesteryear, and two fright-filled short stories; Spookhunt, and I Live Here Now.

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August 28, 2018

Timberhaven, where magic, music, and make-believe entwine with art and physics.

Its citizens are few but varied:

Lord Jarboe, caretaker of Tater Town.

Mahin Shirazi, storyteller and world traveler.

Juniper Soot, eight-year-old wunderkind and fledgling scientist.

Calithan, purveyor of dreams and nightmares.

These are but a few whose tales are told herein, and they are all of them unprepared for the dark days coming to Timberhaven.

Are the bonds of family and friendship going to be enough to see them through?

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June 25, 2018

It's Halloween night at Wyngarde Manor.

The annual party, with all the trappings, is taking place. An old house -- the hands that built it long dead -- Wyngarde Manor knows you're there. It sees you inside, skittering along its rooms and hallways. Normally you'd be safe between its walls. But the house is sick. Someone has poisoned it with murderous intent, and now it must act accordingly.

None may see morning.


June 25, 2018

The forest was haunted. It was known. Health-conscious hikers and bikers might skirt the forest's edge, but few ventured inside.

Because of the hauntings.

Like many such sites around the world, just what was in the woods changed from generation to generation. Great-grandparents had feared an alleged farm filled with crazed albinos. Grandparents, however, were terrified of an escaped lunatic who roamed those same woods in a gorilla mask, killing indiscriminately any who crossed his path. Parents, meanwhile, had screamed at the trees to avoid the Goatman, who had honest-to-God been seen by the friend of a friend's cousin once.

But this generation was savvier than their ancestors had been. Feeling nearly invincible, with their smartphones and Internet. Nothing was in those woods that Google couldn't disprove.

So they often went into the woods - drinking what they could steal, smoking whatever they got their hands on - laughingly daring whatever was there to show itself.

Until it did.

wix timberhaven.jpeg

February 22, 2018

All small towns have secrets. However, Timberhaven’s secrets may mean the end of us all.
Michael Gideon is a bestselling author actively ignoring the problems in his life: his alcoholism, how the recent loss of his sister is affecting him, and a nagging feeling, just at the back of his mind that there’s something. . . off. He’s come to the small village of Timberhaven in hopes of recovering his passion for writing in time to pen his latest book.
Timberhaven has other ideas.
Within days of arriving, Michael no longer feels himself. The very thought of booze makes him nauseous, and he has to convince himself that the mirror in his rented manor isn’t watching him. Even more puzzling, while Michael explores the streets of Timberhaven some locals seem to know him already.
Michael is further pulled into the mythology of Timberhaven when a clandestine group of unelected town officials holds a gathering, resulting in an arcane election for a role they think perfectly suited for Michael.
Waking The Weaver is a modern-day urban fantasy presented in the form of Michael’s journal entries. Join Michael as he explores Timberhaven, a magical village that exists at the crossroads of science and magic, fiction and reality.

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