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Aaron Conaway

Aaron Conaway was born and raised in Southwest Missouri,
weaving stories out of the dark woods, rolling fields, and lonely

country roads to entertain family and friends. Living in Kan-
sas City, Missouri now, Aaron makes up stories more than he

eats, eats more than he sleeps, and has been given to frequent
a Ferris wheel when occasion permits. Aaron authors urban
fantasy in The Timberhaven Chronicles, horror in The Michael
Gideon Collection
, and is the creator of Jan the Vagabond, a comic
book from his Wandering Wizard Comics imprint. He is
also the co-founder of New Vision Comics Collective, where he
writes the Harrowed Earth novella series and the anthology comic
book Vision Tales, drawn by NVCC’s co-founder Daniel Moler.


You can also find Aaron talking shop with other creatives on his YouTube channel, Drinks Around The Table.

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