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The Saga Begins!

(Psst. I’m telling you this early, because you’ve always supported my work. Shh! Don’t draw a bunch of attention. Ahem.)

My Harrowed Earth series starts here, with Book One, Appalachian Blues!

This series has been building in my mind since I was a ten-year-old boy, running around the forests and hills of southwest Missouri with my oldest, dearest friends (what’s up, Moler and Thrash!) Its cosmology is vast (going through thirty-five years of iterations, from comic books to RPGs, short stories to novellas, will do that to stories), and it finally exists somewhere other than my brain!

Some things to know going in:

  1. Harrowed Earth is an ongoing series.

  2. Each book will likely run from 50-100 pages, collecting everything from short stories to novellas.

  3. While the world/universe will grow with every installment, each book will be completely enjoyable as a standalone read. Meaning, a question asked in the book’s description will be answered by book’s end. (i.e. Is Jedidiah’s magic up to the challenge waiting in Border Town? Read Appalachian Blues and found out!)

  4. The stories are fast-paced, designed to read like comic books. (Unfortunately, the only fantastic comic book art will be on the covers, with book one’s cover being brilliantly drawn by artist Daniel Moler.)

  5. The Harrowed Earth series will only be available as eBooks at first, but I will be collecting the series into paperback omnibuses once I hit the appropriate page count!

Also! (lots of exclamation points in this post. Sorry, I’m excited.)

My patrons on Patreon (from the Visitor tier up) will receive their copies as part of their patronage, at no extra cost and earlier than everyone else! Basically, they’ve likely already read Appalachian Blues. 🙂

So, there’s no longer a wait for Harrowed Earth on Amazon. Buy it here!

It will be available everywhere else eBooks are sold on March 30th. Give it a read and let me know if it was worth the wait, will you?


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