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Announcement For Michael Gideon Fans

In the summer of 2010, horror novelist Michael Gideon slipped away to parts unknown seeking the solitude to finish his fortieth novel, Chaos Fair.

As of this posting, he has not been heard from again.

Hoax or no hoax, all that is known, the events leading up to his last confirmed appearance, was chronicled in his personal journal and published under the title Waking The Weaver.

While the mystery of Mr. Gideon’s disappearance continues nearly a decade later, his body of work – thirty-nine novels, hundreds of short stories, and handfuls of non-fiction work and poetry – has largely fallen out of print.

Until now.

Beginning in early October with the release of two short stories, K&Q Press has obtained the rights to reprint the complete works of Michael Gideon.

Originally printed in horror magazines such as Contents of the Box and Threadbare Meatsuit, K&Q Press is proud to reintroduce (or perhaps introduce to younger horror fans) Spookhunt and I Live Here Now as we begin our Michael Gideon imprint.

Available initially only in ebook format – with an eye on collecting omnibus print editions down the road – both tales evoke the campfire setting perfect for reading ghost stories at Halloween.

So go subscribe to our site and stay informed about upcoming releases as the news arrives and we’ll see you in October!

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