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Update: Monsters In The Park

I love Stranger Things. Big, big fan. But the Duffer Bros. have really messed up my working life . . .

Let me explain by asking my fellow Stranger Things fans if my plot for Monsters In The Park sounds familiar:

There’s a tear in reality in a small Midwestern town, through which monsters of various types can somehow make their way. Few residents in the town know anything about these circumstances, but a little girl and her friends count among those who do.

Do you see my problem?

Now, if you’ve read my work you know that there are plenty of various other differences between Timberhaven and Hawkins and that I started coming up with my stories nearly a decade ago, so this is just an example of imaginative minds thinking alike. I know that, and (hopefully) you know that. But nobody outside of our little circle is going to know that. And yes, I also know that no story is wholly original anymore.

But damn.

So, the progress of Monsters In The Park has slowed of late as I try and navigate this ship toward shores I feel satisfied with. I’ve made a lot of headway on that front, though, and look to have things back on track soon. All of this to say that the new Timberhaven Chronicles novel will not be out by this fall. I’m not going to announce a new drop date — and am now out of the habit of making any drop dates prematurely — because, as much as I want to hurry these books into your hands, I’ve all but completely dismantled this novel right now. I need to make sure I put it back together properly and to its highest quality.

I hope you’ll stick out this wait with me and that one day we’ll all laugh about this. My apologies to those who keep asking when Juniper Soot’s going to arrive. She will, I promise!

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