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News, Insights, and Randomness March 2020

So I decided on a whim that I was going to learn how to draw. I was walking down the aisle at the grocery store, stumbled upon notebooks and mechanical pencils, and just followed the whim.

When I was growing up, comic books made up a third of my spiritual diet (fiction novels and board/video games provided the other two-thirds of my food pyramid), but their stories had always pulled me in more than their art.

But now I’m getting to revisit some of those classics and focus on just the art. In trying to train my eye by drawing in the same way that I trained my brain with writing, soaking up various styles, techniques, and philosophies, I’ve been having a blast.

And dare I say, one month in with daily practice, my stick figures are hardly even looking stick figure-y anymore.

K&Q Creative

I’ve made progress, finally, on rebranding all of my artistic ideas and endeavors under one banner: K&Q Creative.

Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, all have a K&Q Creative presence now. Only the drawing practice mentioned above so far as content, though. But hopefully, that will not be the case much longer!

Feel free to give each a follow if you haven’t yet, for all the latest news. Well, the latest news about my projects, at any rate.

On the Menu

I knocked out season three of Castlevania on Netflix. A much darker walk through the villages of an Eastern Europe suffocating under the shadow of Vlad Dracula Tepes than either of its first two seasons, Castlevania still has me completely enthralled. I’ll ride this out as long as Warren Ellis keeps helming the ship.

I was gifted a PS4 for my birthday and have gone deep, deep down the rabbit hole of new video games. No Man’s Sky and Horizon Zero Dawn both have me completely preoccupied, to the point where I had to force myself to put the controller down to get some work done this weekend.

Through story research, I’ve had the fascinatingly sublime marriage of Brian Greene and Carlos Castaneda’s thoughts in my brain due to reading The Hidden Reality and A Separate Reality, respectively. Between flying a starship in No Man’s Sky and these books, my dreams have been extra shiny of late.

Moving Forward

I’m still mostly living in Timberhaven right now, outside of drawing (though I did attempt to draw Juniper Soot, the less said about that, the better), and will continue to do so until I’ve got new books to show you.

I hope you’re digging these newsletters. As much as I love talking shop, it’s been fun plugging things that I’m watching/reading/listening to and hearing what you’re enjoying as well.

Until next time,


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