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News, Insights, and Randomness February 2020

I used to go to swap meets, antique stores, and garage/yard sales a lot more than I do nowadays. Not always to buy — though I’ve ever been a sucker for used books, comics, and unique chess sets — but sometimes merely to soak the stories in that I’d imagine as I looked at discarded things.

The old Atari that, when bought new, had brought unparalleled joy to a group of kids, sitting cross-legged on a burnt green shag carpet around a set-to-channel-3 T.V.

The ironing board that had been crucial in prepping countless workshirts, the salt-and-pepper shakers that had once been part of family dinner time.

The imagination takes over.

A Friendship Born of Stars

I told you last month that I was going to return to updating the social media presence of my creativity while working on producing more books, and so far, I’m one for one. (Yay!)

In case you don’t follow The Timberhaven Chronicles on Facebook:

* * * * *

“Like this?” Juniper asked, tweaking the dial just a little. Maya looked through the telescope to see if the adjustment had solved the issue. “Not quite,” she said. “Just one more small turn should — there! Perfect. Look.” Juniper bent to look into the eyepiece. Her breath caught in her chest as she took in the comet. “It’s wonderful,” she whispered. The friends shared back and forth as the comet crossed its zenith. Juniper could feel her eyes welling up but couldn’t fully understand why. “It’s ’cause of the ‘space feelings,'” Maya answered Juniper’s unasked question as Juniper wiped her eyes clear on the sleeve of her ever-present hoodie. “What’s ‘space feelings?'” Juniper asked, giving the telescope back over. “Well,” Maya began, looking back into the eyepiece as she explained. “My mom says the world is too unhappy, so she studies the stars because that’s the only place that makes her feel good.” Maya, having readjusted for the comet’s movement, turned the telescope back to Juniper, her own eyes somewhat damp as well. “And my dad says that outer space is big. Like, really, really big. And if you look at it, your problems here shrink down a little. Small enough to fit in your pocket. But sometimes it makes people like you and me cry. Space feelings.” Juniper thought about space feelings. “I think that’s just what it is,” Juniper whispered as the two friends held hands, staring up at the light that streaked across the night sky until it disappeared into the horizon.

* * * * *

Convention Season

I’m still lining up my 2020 appearances and will shoot to have a solid list in next month’s newsletter. If you have any suggestions, by all means, please send them my way. Meeting new fans is one of my favorite parts of this business.

On the Menu

I just finished Locke and Key on Netflix and enjoyed it. I’m a huge fan of the Joe Hill/Gabriel Rodriguez comic series, so I was looking forward to checking out this adaptation. They made lots of changes, par for the course in an adaptation, but the main plot beats were there, so I was happy overall.

Currently reading and enjoying The Black Tides of Heaven by Jy Yang. I haven’t finished yet, but I would already recommend it. As a side note, I’ve been reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami concurrently, which has provided an interesting balance in my brainpan.

I’ve been listening to this as I work over the last week. Not only has it been peaceful writing, but a happier mindset for me, too. As life on the bridge would be, I’m sure.

Moving Forward

While, if I”m being honest, I have dabbled in some other creative endeavors since last month, I’ve mostly stuck to my plan to focus entirely on Timberhaven, Juniper Soot in particular. Monsters in the Park is the forefront of my mind; “let’s get it done” the mantra.

Until next time,


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