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Come Say Hi! - A Roadmap

2022, it seems, is the year when shows and conventions return, and I'm digging it. So I hope you can come out and see me, say hi, and maybe pick up a story that you haven't read yet.

I'll be at Redux Society on April 1st to help celebrate Kansas City's first First Friday of Spring! (Say that five times fast!) It will be a minor event, comparatively speaking, but I will be doing a live reading of some of my work, so come out and join us!

Next up is the big show, Planet Comicon, April 22-24! I'll be sharing a table with the venerable Daniel Moler as we kick off our shared universe, New Vision Comics Collective, with Vision Tales #0! Of course, we'll each have some of our individual wares as well, as you can see below:

After that, it's time for Conquest! Memorial Day Weekend (May 27-29) I'll be hanging out at the longest-running Science-Fiction and Fantasy convention in Kansas City, celebrating 53 years!

Next up, Tremendicon out of Springfield, MO, June 17-19. This one promises to be a fantastic one-on-one experience for creators and would-be creators alike, as other artists and I will get lots of facetime with attendees as I've never had before. All for a great cause! Check out their site for more details and, if you can make it, come and see what it's all about.

And back in K.C., bringing us to the end of July (and the end of the roadmap so far) Fountain City Con!

Come to one or all, and look for me under my stellar new banner!

Ain't ol' Diamond Head a cutie?

See you soon!


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