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It's So Hot Outside! — A mid-year catch-up


Well, it's halfway through the year. That point where I like to take stock of where I'm at creatively and check the map to share what's coming this way.

First up, what new projects are out in the wild:

Swords in the Shadows

This collection—a hybrid of Sword & Sorcery and horror—is a BLAST. You'll likely recognize some of the huge names involved, and I got to play with them. A BIG honor for me.

I really enjoyed building the world of my piece, The Scorpion and The Crow, and meeting the characters, Mu'dai and Tess, and I hope to return there someday.

If sword & sorcery/horror is your vibe, I can't wait for you to read it.

You can pre-order your copy from Outland Entertainment here.

Jan The Vagabond #1

The very first comic that's written and drawn by me (you know already, I know. I just love typing that!) is available!

Jan is an all-ages comic about a kind-hearted boy and his living, malevolent shield. I've kept things very light and somewhat silly, and Koduri—the realm where Jan The Vagabond takes place—has become one of my favorite places to unwind.

I only did a limited run because I have no idea if my drawing a comic will land, but I hope you'll check it out by snagging a copy here!


I've just finished writing the rough draft of my pulp novel, Cicero Wants You, which means now the editing begins. I'm a few weeks behind schedule here (well, a few weeks behind the latest due date I gave), and I apologize to you Harrowed Earth fans, anxiously awaiting your latest taste. But the hard part is over, and Book Two will DEFINITELY be out during the summer.

THIS summer.

Then, the entire rest of 2023, I'll be dedicating SOLELY—outside of a short story I've got to finish up (I've got to make time for the paying gigs that keep the lights on at K&Q Press, after all!)—to Monsters in the Park. (Sadly, if you Harrowed Earth fans think I keep messing with you, the fans of The Timberhaven Chronicles have some thoughts to share...)

Until next time,



July 7-9 — Tremendicon in Springfield, MO.

Aug. 5-6 — Fountain City Con in New Century, KS.

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