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Perpetually Lost, But Looking Forward


It's been a minute since we chatted, so I thought I'd share some news and throw out some updates.

Upcoming Changes and New Projects

First, some aesthetic upkeep.

My YouTube show, Drinks Around the Table, is getting refocused. I'm going to do more live streaming of creative friends and I playing various board games and trivia nights, beers/cocktails in hand, under that title moving forward.

But! In 2023, I'll still continue sitting down and talking shop with various creative types in my rebranded show entitled . . . to be determined. :-)

Season two of my shop talk show, with a wide array of artists, makers, and creators, will fly high under whatever that new banner is, and all previous episodes will be collected under the new brand as well. More news and episode airing announcements as they become available.

Also starting in 2023, available only to my Patrons at first, the launch of Jan the Vagabond! I'll be posting panels weekly of the story of Jan (pronounced Yawn), a young barbarian boy, more philosopher than fighter, as he wanders The Plains of the Sleepless Sky with his soulmate, Gertrude, a sentient kite shield that is inherently evil!

If all goes well, I'll eventually release Jan the Vagabond in comic book form into the world at large, but it's only going to be on my Patreon at first. Check it out!

I've got a couple of other things in the pipeline that I can't quite talk about yet, but I'll shout 'em from the rooftops as soon as possible!

In-Person Appearances

My last show/con appearance for 2022 is at FreeStateCon in two weeks (as I write this), September 10, in Lawrence, KS. Follow the link for more details, and find me for some comics and books or to say hello!

Dropping Soon

I'll be the first to admit, 2022 got away from me. My personal life, coming down with Covid, and my show schedule have all contributed to your not having new books in your hot little hands. But that's going to be no longer true!

Harrowed Earth book two, Cicero Wants You, will be available this fall!

With a beautiful cover by artist Jeremy Bohannon, Cicero Wants You will continue the exploration of the Harrowed Earth era of the New Vision Comics Collective!

From the back cover blurb:

The Kingdom.

Once a major midwestern city on Earth-That-Was, but no more. A series of hard-won baronies built in its place, The Kingdom stands as one of the last vestiges of humanity. Cicero is in the barony of Renaissance in her capacity as a Bard—peacekeeper, lawmaker, and beyond. Criminal activity has been showing an uptick in frequency throughout The Known Lands, and the Bards, in response, are trying to increase their recruitment numbers. Banesska's Traveling Game—a wandering holdover from Earth-That-Was—equal parts circus, professional sports tournament, and county fair, is playing consort to Cicero as she travels. After an accident at an underground site, Wade Batalon, a youthful Digger, has a mysterious encounter that saves his life. Meanwhile, Kendra Lawdrake and her best friend, Sepia de Winter, get wrapped up in the machinations of zealous raiders from the Waste. And a shadow war plays out between various crime lords attempting to solidify their power bases within the relative safety—at least from terrors outside of the walls—of The Kingdom. Cicero tries to maintain order and unite the baronies to a common cause, but how much can one Bard take?

Coming this fall!

Until next time,


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